Urgent: Stop home demolitions in Al Hadidiye

Dear sir or madam,

I ask you to take immediate action in front of the nine fresh demolition orders the Israeli authorities have handed out to the threatened Palestinian Bedouin community of al Hadidiye in the Northern Jordan Valley.

Al Hadidiye comprises 112 permanent inhabitants and some 130 further inhabitants that during the winter leave the area as Israeli forces have destroyed their homes already. On Thursday November 10, the Israeli authorities have handed over demolition orders that target 17 structures and will affect 72 people , including women and children. Many of the families have already suffered several home and property demolition in clear violation of international law and human rights, all the while settlements in the same area are state subsidized and their mainly agricultural produce – a result of a war crime - is still allowed into international markets.

I urge you to pay the community a solidarity visit BEFORE November 18, the day the demolition order becomes executive, and to complain with the Israeli authorities through the appropriate diplomatic channels.

Kind regards,

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